Body – Mind – Spirit Therapeutic Sessions: An opportunity not to be missed

What is it?

These sessions are meticulously crafted experiences, drawing upon my extensive training, education, and years of practice in the fields of osteopathy, hypnotherapy, sound therapy, and energy healing.

Body – Mind – Spirit Therapeutic Sessions

What happens: an insight into the structure of these sessions

  • To commence, we begin with an exploration of your objectives for our upcoming session(s), such as alleviating back pain associated with stress and sleep deprivation. 


  • Depending on the broader context of your present circumstances, we may dwelve deeper into these aims, occasionally extending our conversation to discuss how past experiences might have influence your current state. Note that this stage is entirely flexible and tailored to your preferences. While some clients may find it beneficial to engage in deeper discussions about their goals and how their past experiences may impact their current life, others may prefer not to. Regardless of your choice, rest assured that I am fully equipped to guide you through the therapeutic process effectively as a hypnotherapist. (Furthermore, while I pursued training as a psychotherapist, I opted not to complete yet the final stages for UKCP registration upon relocating from UK).


  • Next, we collaborate to determine which therapies may best suit your needs. We may decide to blend multiple therapies or focus on a single modality. The approach is incredibly flexible, catering to your preferences and specific areas of concern. Options range from combining gong therapy and energy healing to integrating hypnotherapy followed by Himalayan bowls or vice versa, or even opting for a massage session with cranial techniques  complemented by the sounds and vibrations of the gongs. There are so many options. The decision-making process is guided by your needs and preferences, with my guidance available should you seek it. Ultimately, you have the autonomy to choose the path that resonates most with you.


  • To provide you with an example of a session, I recall a client who found it challenging to address certain personal matters directly with the involved party, leading to neck and shoulder tension alongside with other stress-related issues and poor posture. We decided to start the session with gong therapy, providing a safe space for exploration. This was followed by a combination of back treatments, incorporating gentle osteopathic and cranial techniques and various massage modalities to further deepen the relaxation and encourage healing mechanisms. As the session progressed, we incorporated positive suggestions to promote well-being and a sense of inner strength. Upon conclusion, we engaged in a gentle discussion about the client’s experience, allowing them to process any emotions that arose. Subsequently, during the following session, the client reported both physical improvements and the successful resolution of the discussed issue with the involved party.

Some benefits of 

Body – Mind – Spirit Therapeutic Sessions

  • Holistic approach that addresses the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit
  • Reduces stress levels, which can lead to improved well-being and a greater sense of relaxation, balance, peace and harmony
  • Encourages gaining insights on what we feel and why we feel the way we feel can facilitate emotional release and processing. This can result in a greater sense of emotional balance and resilience
  • Results in alleviating discomfort, tension and pain
  • Stimulates the healing mechanisms at all levels
  • Offers a safe space for personal growth
  • And so many other benefits

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