Sabine Audibert offers:

Structural & Cranial Osteopathy


Yoga and Movement solutions

Sound Therapy
/ Sound Healing/ Sound Bath


…  preventing, alleviating and resolving your body aches and pains, postural imbalances and injuries

… helping you with stress, anxiety, fears, low self-esteem, feeling depressed, phobias, motivation, self-exploration, acceptance, moving forward…and many other problems and issues…

… guiding you through safe and effective movements to feel better, keep active while improving your breathing techniques so that your lungs function at their best.

…. soothing and healing through sounds and vibrations from gongs, Himalayan bowls and drums


About Sabine Audibert

I started my career as a yoga teacher. I studied at the École Française de Yoga in Paris. This 4 years training course involved 900 hours of study alongside personal yoga practice. I qualified in 1998.

Following a shoulder injury, I sought out the help of an osteopath. Amazed by how effective the treatments, I decided to study osteopathy. I graduated in 2010 from the London School of Osteopathy. I am registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and I am a member of the Institute of Osteopathy (Io).

After graduating, I carried on improving my skills by attending postgraduate training in the field of cranial osteopathy, kinesiology taping, medical western acupuncture. I am registered with the British Medical Acupuncture Society (BMAS).

I also carried on exploring my understanding and knowledge of body movements. I trained with the Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute and studied all mat works and all equipment levels of Pilates. I also successfully trained with Movement Solution for Rehabilitation as well as functional rehabilitation.

More recently, I studied at the British Academy of Sound Therapy and gained a Practitioner Level Diploma as a Sound Therapist. I have experienced how sounds and vibrations emitted from gongs, Himalayan bowls and shamanic drums are healing and relaxing when used properly. I wanted to be able to offer and share this transformative therapy.

In the same frame of mind, I studied hypnotherapy with Hypnotic Solutions Training UK to help individuals suffering from pain, stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, insecurities, fears and other challenges so that they can move forwards and achieve their goals. I am also very keen to support individuals who are interested in self-exploration and personal development. I gained a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and I am registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and the National Guild of Hypnosis.

I am currently studying stage 2 at the National College of Hypno-Psychotherapy (NCHP) in London. If I successfully complete the training and pass all the exams and requirements, I should obtain a Certificate in Hypnosis and Psychotherapy from March 2021 at the earliest. My intention though is to go through all the stages of the course, gain the Advanced Diploma in Hypno-Psychotherapy and register with UK Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP) from September 2024.


Osteopathic treatments are still available face to face, subject to an assessment carried on by a telephone conversation.

Hypnotherapy, Yoga and Sound Therapy are only available via zoom or via my clinical software. It is not the same as face to face – It is just different and has proven to be effective.

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