Body-mind connection: an inseparable bond that is nurtured through structural and cranial osteopathy, hypnotherapy, yoga and sound therapy.

"Through the synergy of touch (osteopathy and massage) and therapeutic dialogue (hypnotherapy) lies the transformative power to change your inner world so that you can experience well0being in both body and mind"

I can help you manage your injuries and enhance your health and well-being with customised structural and cranial osteopathy & massage

Common conditions I see in my clinics:

  • Manage pain-associated back pain and neck pain for examples
  • Provide long-term relief of unhelpful body tension 
  • Resolve muscular spasms and trigger points
  • Address the cause of your symptoms rather than just addressing your symptoms
  • Fasten the resolution of your body injuries (muscle strain, ligamentous strain, tendinitis, etc.)
  • Improve postural issues to optimise the functioning of your body
  • Increase the mobility of your joints, resulting in more flexibility and mobility, so that you can move with ease 
  • Address sciatica symptoms
  • Manage repetitive stress injuries 
  • Improve sleep quality, which is crucial for physical health, mental well-being, and overall vitality. It promotes immune strength, tissue repair, and muscle growth, reducing the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Mentally, it enhances mood regulation, cognitive function, and emotional resilience. Adequate sleep also boosts performance, productivity, and weight management by regulating appetite and metabolism. Emotionally and socially, it improves emotional intelligence, reduces stress, and fosters healthier relationships. 

I can also help you enhance your health, performance, and/or address long-standing chronic issues

  • Promoting injury prevention
  • Managing chronic pain associated with conditions such as fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Enhancing athletic performance
  • Promoting dental health through addressing fear and phobia of dentists as well as using safe and gentle manual techniques that positively impact the jaw and the mouth structures
  • Encouraging better functioning of your immune, nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, and hormonal systems
  • Facilitating  behavioural changes that negatively affect your physical and mental health

How do I help you?

Drawing on 25 years+ of experience teaching traditional yoga, having studied various rehabilitation methods, Pilates, and practicing as a qualified and registered UK structural and cranial osteopath & therapeutic masseuse:

  • I have gathered a wealth of knowledge and practical skills
  • I blend scientific and intuitive knowledge 
  • I use gentle, safe and effective manual techniques
  • I always ask for consent before using different manual techniques and welcome constructive feedback
  • I adjust each of my sessions based on feedback and progress in between sessions (if you need more than one session)
  • I do not hesitate to refer you to other specialists or colleagues if it is necessary
  • I incorporate my experience as a solution-focused hypnotherapist to engage in genuine and non-judgmental listening. 
  •  If, for any reasons, an emotional release occurs during our sessions, I am fully equipped to help you process what is going on through a therapeutic dialogue or simply by providing a safe environment 
  • I have no issues navigating between structural and cranial osteopathy and massages
  • I make it a priority to listen attentively to your needs and preferences, ensuring that I adjust the pressure accordingly during massage techniques. Whether you require a deep and strong touch or a gentle, feather-light approach, I am flexible and adaptable to provide the most comfortable experience for you.
  • I am registered with the General Osteopathic Council (UK), the Institute of Osteopathy (Io), and the Registo de Osteópatas de España (ROE). This means I adhere to professional standards and regulatory compliance. These registrations indicate that I meet the requirements set by reputable professional bodies in my field, ensuring I adhere to ethical guidelines and maintain high standards of practice. Clients can trust that I have undergone rigorous training, continue to engage in professional development, and am accountable for my practice, fostering confidence and credibility in my services.

I can help you enhance your emotional and mental well-being through solution focused hypnotherapy

Commonly seen issues and challenges in my clinics:

  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Anxiety linked to medical procedure
  • Pain Management
  • Low mood, mild to moderate depression
  • Stress Management
  • Trauma 
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Self-esteem and Confidence issues
  • Lack of Direction
  • Midlife Crisis

If you are experiencing mental health issues not covered here, do not hesitate to contact me. Together, we will evaluate if I can assist you. I will not hesitate to refer you to the right resources if needed.

How do I help you:

  • I offer both face-to-face sessions and online sessions.
  • I create a safe and non-judgmental place where you feel accepted and valued for who you are so that you can talk openly without fear about your issues, innermost thoughts, and feelings.
  • At times, I encourage you to explore, at deeper levels, some of your thoughts and feelings.
  • Other times, I guide you to uncover and tap into your inner resources and strengths, helping you envision and work towards your desired outcomes.
  • Each of our sessions is guided by your needs.
  • Being registered with General Register of Hypnotherapy (GHR) ensures that I meet the professional standards and requirements set by this reputable organisation. This registration indicates that I have undergone thorough training, adhere to ethical guidelines, and maintain high standards of practice in my hypnotherapy services. Clients can trust that I am committed to professionalism, continuous learning, and providing effective and ethical hypnotherapy services tailored to their needs.

I encourage and deepen the connection between your mind, body, and spirit to enhance your overall well-being using gongs and Himalayan bowls

  • Sound, frequencies, and vibrations encourage deep relaxation and offer an opportunity to experience an altered state of consciousness. These altered states can range from deep relaxation to profound meditative states. During these states, individuals may experience healing as well as a sense of expanded awareness, heightened intuition, and a deep connection to themselves and the universe. 
  • As a result, these sessions reduce stress and help manage many mental health issues and physical ailments.
  • Whether you attend a one-on-one session or a group session, I help you set a clear intention for that session. This intention could be anything from releasing stress and tension to fostering inner peace and clarity, or even gaining insight on a specific issue.
  • Depending on the instruments I choose and whether the session is one-on-one or in a group, I may vary my approach to optimise the therapeutic experience.
  • I play my gongs mindfully, aiming at creating various rhythms and patterns, enveloping the listener in a rich and therapeutic tapestry of sounds and vibrations.
  • For Himalayan bowl massages, I use singing bowls that are placed on the body or played near the body and gently struck or rubbed with a mallet to produce soothing vibrations and harmonious tones. 
  • As the session draws to a close, I gently guide participants back to awareness and invite them to slowly reorient themselves to their surroundings. They are then invited to take a few moments to reflect on their experience and any insights they may have gaine